What type of wax do you use?

  • All candles, wax melts, tea lights are made using 100% all natural blend of coconut and soy wax. 

Why coconut soy wax?

  • Coconut Soy wax is clean! It’s an eco-friendly, renewable, sustainable substance. Soy wax has a much lower melt point which translates to a longer burn time than that of candles made using paraffin wax! Basically, soy wax candles burn cleaner + longer! Good for you + for the earth!

What do you use to scent the candles?

  • The candles are scented using only the highest quality, phthalate free, fine fragrance + essential oils.

What type of wicks do you use?

  • Each candle is wicked with a lead-free cotton wick.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

When will my order ship?

  • Orders are typically processed within 2-3 business days

What shipping methods do you use?

  • Orders are shipped via USPS First Class Mail or Priority Mail. Large quantity orders are shipped via Fedex or UPS Ground.

How long will it take for my order to be delivered once it has shipped?

  • Orders typically arrive within 1-4 days of the ship date.

Do you offer local pick up?

  • Yes! Local pickups can be made on Saturdays in the North Phoenix area (exact location given post checkout) or at any in person event (please follow on Instagram to see what events we will be at).

How long do the candles burn?

  • The 4oz (small) sized candles burn for 15-18 hrs and the 12oz (large) sized candles burn for 70-85hrs. The wax tart melts “burn” at their strongest for 6-8hrs/cube. 

*These statistics were tested when burning a candle between the recommended 2-4 hours at one single time + relit for another 2-4 hours once the candle had solidified again. Keeping your candle lit + burning all day will shorten the life of your candle and will surely burn through quicker than these expected burn times.

How do I clean out the jar once I’ve burned through the candle?

  • The easiest method is the freezer method! Simply put your jar (wax and all) in the freezer for a few hours or overnight. Once the wax has frozen, use any sort of tool (I use a butter knife from my kitchen) + break apart the wax. Because the wax/wick pin are so cold, they should pop right out! Give the jar a quick wipe down with a paper towel + put it in the dishwasher + it’ll be good as new! 

Have a question that isn’t answered here?

  • Fill out the contact form + let me know! I’m always happy to answer any questions!